Sea Cargo


We are the pioneer in the personal effects cargo delivery business to the Philippines and have extended our services to other Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam. We guarantee a fast, safe and reliable delivery service in all three of these countries, making our company the preferred brand of migrants and overseas workers in Taiwan.
Our sea cargo packages are not limited by weight, but according to the box sizes and destination, and customers' package are delivered safely.
We provide convenience to our customers by provide free delivery and pick-up services. They can also order boxes thru phone call or they can also opt to pick up from their nearest EEC service station.


We have a weekly schedule delivery to the Philippines, with our improve logistics system, two weeks is the fastest and one month is the slowest delivery marking the best record among sea cargo counterparts in Taiwan, affirmed and testified by our customers.

  1. Cargo insurance: Accident and Goods insurance, etc
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Provide a variety of different box size.
  4. Free packaging tape
  5. Box directly delivered to designated locations in the Philippines
  6. Just a call , we’ll deliver and pick-up your box fast and on time.



Area Pick up charge Time
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
基隆市Keelung City NTD200 V   V   V  
Yilan County
Area Pick up charge Time
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Yilan County(宜蘭縣) NTD300         V or BY SKED   
Area Pick up charge 時間
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Taoyuan City(桃園市) NTD200 V V V V V V
Guishan Township(龜山鄉) V V V V V V
Luzhu Township(蘆竹鄉) V V V V V V
Dayuan Township(大園鄉) V V V V V V
Bade City(八德市) V V V V V V
Zhongli City(中壢市) V V V V V V
Pingzhen City(平鎮市) V V V V V V
Longtan Township(龍潭鄉) V V V V V V
Yangmei City(楊梅市) V V V V V V
Daxi Township(大溪鎮) V V V V V V
Xinwu Township(新屋鄉) V V V V V V
Fuxing Township(復興鄉 V V V V V V
Taipei & New Taipei City AVAILABILITY
Area Pick up charge Time
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Da'an Dist.(大安區) NTD100 V V V  V V  
Xinyi Dist.(信義區) NTD100 V V V V V  
Wenshan Dist.(文山區 ) NTD150 V   V   V  
Shenkeng Dist.(深坑區) NTD200 V   V   V  
Shiding Dist.(石碇區) NTD200 V   V   V  
Zhongshan Dist.(中山區) NTD100 V V V V V  
Datong Dist.(大同區) NTD100 V V V V V  
Shilin Dist.(士林區) NTD100 V V V V V  
Beitou Dist.(北投區) NTD100 V V V V  V  
Danshui Dist.(淡水區) NTD150 V   V    V  
Bali Dist.(八里區) NTD150 V   V    V  
Sanzhi Dist.(三芝區) NTD200 V   V   V  
Shimen Dist.(石門區) NTD300 V   V   V  
Songshan Dist.(松山區) NTD100 V  V V  V V  
Neihu Dist.(內湖區) NTD100 V V V  V V  
Nangang Dist.(南港區) NTD100 V V V V V  
Xizhi Dist.(汐止區) NTD150 V V V V V  
Wanli Dist.(萬里區) NTD250 V   V   V  
Ruifang Dist.(瑞芳區) NTD250 V   V   V  
Jinshan Dist.(金山區) NTD300 V   V   V  
Gongliao Dist.(貢寮區) NTD300 BY SKED          
Wanhua Dist.(萬華區) NTD100 V V V V V V
Zhongzheng Dist.(中正區) NTD100 V V V V V  
Banqiao Dist.(板橋區) NTD150 V V V V V  
Yonghe Dist.(永和區) NTD150 V V V V V  
Zhonghe Dist.(中和區) NTD150 V V V V V  
Xindian Dist.(新店區) NTD150 V V V V V  
Wulai Dist.(烏來區) NTD300 BY SKED           
Sanchong Dist.(三重區) NTD150 V V V V V V
Luzhou Dist.(蘆洲區) NTD150 V V V V V V
Xinzhuang Dist.(新莊區) NTD150 V V V V V V
Wugu Dist.(五股區) NTD150 V V V V V V
Shulin Dist.(樹林區) NTD150 V V V V V V
Tucheng Dist.(土城區) NTD150 V V V V V V
Sanxia Dist.(三峽區) NTD150 V   V   V  
Yingge Dist.(鶯歌區) NTD200 V   V   V  
Linkou Dist.(林口區) NTD200 V V V V V V

Notice To Shipper

  2. Read carefully your Packing List and take note of the Important Notice. (Pag-aralang mabuti ang inyong Packing List at bigyan pansin ang mga mahahalagang bagay na nakasaad dito.)
  3. Do not over pack your cargo. Be aware of the additional charges for oversized cargo – NT$100 per inch. (Iwasan maglagay ng maraming gamit sa inyong kahon na ikasasanhi ng pagka-umbok nito. Tandaan na may sinusundang sukat ang bawat kahon at may dagdag na kabayaran sa hindi pagsunod dito. May karagdagang kabayaran na NT$100 sa bawat isang pulgada.)
  4. Be sure that information on your actual cargo is the same as you’ve written on your Packing List. (Siguraduhin na ang nakasulat na impormasyon sa inyong bagahe ay magkatugma sa inyong nilagdaang Packing List.)
  5. Write down everything including quantity. (Magbigay ng kumpletong impormasyon at bilang ng bawat nilalaman ng inyong kahon.)
  6. Please state if items inside your box are new or old. (Isaad kung ang mga bagay na inilagay sa kahon ay bago o luma.)
  7. Please write clearly and completely all the information of both the Shipper and the Consignee. (Isulat ng malinaw at magbigay ng kumpletong impormasyon ng Nagpadala at ng Tatanggap.)
  8. Please do not write on the space provided for EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. personnel. (Huwag sulatan ang lugar sa inyong Packing List na nakalaan para sa mga tauhan ng EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd..)
  9. Please do not forget to sign on the space provided for Shipper’s Signature. (Huwag kalimutang lagdaan ang inyong Packing List.)
  10. Please wrap all liquid items in separate plastic bags. EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. assumes no liability for perishable or leakage of any liquid regardless of package orientation. (Ibukod ang pagbalot sa mga padalang likido upang maiwasan ang pagkalat nito sa inyong bagahe. Walang pananagutan ang EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. sa mga nabubulok o pagtulo ng anumang likido alintana sa pag-iimpake ng Nagpadala.)
  11. Protect all breakable items. EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. is not liable for any damages incurred during transport. All packages must be prepared and packed by the Shipper for safe transportation. (Pangalagaan ng mabuti ang paglalagay ng mga babasaging bagay sa inyong karton. Walang pananagutan ang EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. sa anumang pagkasira ng bagahe habang nasa biyahe. Ang lahat ng mga bagahe ay dapat maihanda at maimpake ng maayos ng Nagpadala para sa kaligtasan ng mga bagahe habang nasa biyahe.)
  12. Only PERSONAL EFFECT items are to be accepted and shipped. Commercial items checked and penalized by the Philippine Bureau of Customs shall be accounted to the Shipper. (Pang-personal na kagamitan lamang ang tatanggapin ng Manila Cargo. Anumang nasuri at napatawan ng multa ng Philippine Bureau of Customs sa nasabing mga gamit na pang-benta sa bagahe ay pananagutan ng Nagpadala.)
  13. EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. will not accept and carry any of the following items: (Hindi tatanggapin at isasakay ng EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. ang mga bagay na nakasaad sa ibaba.) 請勿攜帶以下任何物品:
  • Currency / Money Orders / Travelers Cheques 貨幣/貨幣訂單/旅行支票
  • Precious Stones and Metals 寶石和金屬
  • Perishable Goods 易腐爛物品
  • Firearms and Ammunitions / Explosives 槍支和彈藥/炸藥
  • Dangerous and Illegal Drugs 危險和非法藥物
  • Flammable and Combustible Materials 易燃和可燃材料
  • Motorcycle or Automobile Parts (Magwheels, Wheels, Tires, Bumper, Body Kits, etc.) 摩托車或汽車零件
  • Motorcycle or Automobile Engines / Any other type of motors or engines 摩托車或汽車發動機/任何類型電機或發動機
  • Electric Bikes 電動自行車
  • Scrap Metal / Tiles 廢金屬/瓷磚
  • Gambling Paraphernalia 賭博用具
  • Communication Equipments and Computers 通信設備和計算機
  • Toy Guns 玩具槍
  • Important and Legal Documents 重要法律文件
  1. EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. has the right, but not obligated, to open or inspect any shipments made by the Shipper. (May karapatan, ngunit hindi obligado, ang EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. na buksan at suriin ang anumang bagahe na nais ipadala.)
  2. EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. is not liable for boxes/parcels that are lost, damaged, mis-delivered or delayed due to circumstances beyond EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd.’s control. These include Earthquakes, Whirlwinds, Cyclones, Storms, Floods, Volcanic Eruptions, War, Civil Strikes, and any other Force Majeure events. (Ang EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. ay hindi mananagot kung ang mga kahon/parcel ay nawala, nasira, hindi na-deliver o naantala dahil sa mga pangyayaring hindi kontrolado ng EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd.. Kabilang dito ang Lindol, Buhawi, Bagyo, Baha, Pagsabog ng Bulkan, Digmaan, Sibil Protesta, o anumang kaganapan na sanhi ng kalikasan.


  1. Please call EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. office 1 or 2 days before the desired date. Only call EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. office when you have finished packing your box and completed all information on your Packing List. Do not call if your box and Packing List is not yet ready. (Agahan ang pagtawag sa aming tanggapan ng isa o dalawang araw sa nais na petsa. Alalahanin na dapat ay selyado na ang karton at nakahanda na ang inyong Packing List bago ito ipakuha.)
  2. Make sure your box is properly sealed. Use only original EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. tape (Red Tape) when sealing your box. (Siguraduhing nakasara at selyado ng mabuti ang inyong mga karton. Gamitin lang ang orihinal na EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. tape (Pula) sa pagsara ng iyong karton.)
  3. Box Deposit Receipt must be surrendered to EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. personnel upon pick-up. Otherwise, full freight amount will be charged to your cargo. (Pagkakuha ng inyong bagahe, mahalagang ibigay ang inyong Box Deposit Receipt sa aming tauhan. Kung hindi, kayo ay sisingilin ng kabuuang halaga para sa inyong bagahe.)
  4. Box Deposit Receipts are good as cash. (Ang mga Box Deposit Receipt ay katumbas ng halaga sa pera).
  5. EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. is not responsible for lost Box Deposit Receipts. Customers must safe keep their receipts. (Itagong mabuti ang mga Box Deposit Receipts. Ang EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. ay hindi responsable sa pagkawala ng mga Box Deposit Receipts.)
  6. Box Deposit Receipts are not refundable and non-convertible to cash. (Ang mga Box Deposit Receipts ay hindi maaaring isauli o ipalit sa pera.)




 FOLLOW-UPS / COMMENTS / COMPLAINTSPlease call EEC Express Cargo Co. Ltd. office from Monday to Sunday (9am to 8pm) at 02-25958686 (Customer Service)
NOTE: Please supply Carton Number for easy Follow-ups. (Mahalagang ibigay ang inyong Carton Number para sa mabilis na follow-up.)
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