About EEC

        In the 80's Taiwan gained demand from the international market for local production of electronics, plastics, garments, tools, gadgets and similar products. With the increase in demand for Taiwanese made products, Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) from different countries such as Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam were recruited. This migration paved the way for EEC ELITE EXPRESS to open its doors to service the Filipino workers. 
        EEC Elite Express was first established as a cargo company in the early 1990s, but in order to accommodate the ever-growing needs of overseas workers and migrants, the cargo company has developed into a one-stop-shop providing additional services such as remittance and grocery. Aside from dominating the Philippine market locally, EEC has also set up independent companies, namely INDEX, GLOBAL TK and VNEX that cater respectively to our Indonesian and Vietnamese friends.
        For more than 20 years, EEC has been the number one choice for migrant workers and has earned not only their trust and loyalty but has also gained popularity with Taiwanese consumers.The EEC group of companies currently have 38 branches nationwide. EEC is considered the largest and most recognized Filipino company in Taiwan and we continuously aim to provide the best products & services to our valued customers.
          Having been in the business for almost 30 years, our mission is to continuously exceed customer expectations by being a one-stop-shop that provides superior door to door cargo delivery service, remittance, groceries, and other services to our overseas workers and migrants in Taiwan. As the pioneer in this line of business, we know how important it is for our customers to be able to provide for their families, and we strive hard to give convenient, faster and reliable cargo and remittance services. 
          We understand the need of the migrant workers to obtain products that they miss from their home countries and thus we are bringing in more and more Southeast Asian products with competitive prices, more convenience, and better options.
          Our vision is to be the first choice and most trusted company for all overseas workers in Taiwan. We also aim to continuously introduce Southeast Asian products to the Taiwanese market. Our goal is to be able to reach out to more customers by increasing the number of service centers all over Taiwan so that customers from all areas can have easy access to our products and services.

  • OFW (Overseas Foreign Workers)Remittance
  • Sea and Air freight forwarder
  • Southeast Asian products
  • Domestic and International Airline ticket
  • 3C products Retail
  • International phone cards